DecentKit Example: codename/Duffle

DecentKit is employed by the mobile identity wallet and messaging app for iOS and Android called: codename / Duffle. The first release in the Catena Labs early access "codename" program, Duffle brings reputation and decentralized ID to encrypted chat channels, personal AI chatbots, and verifiable payments and collectibles.

Designed for the web3-curious as well as crypto-natives, codename / Duffle addresses the desire to message, transact and trade across games, wallets, and apps with provable trust and reputation — without leaking or losing ownership of personal data.

In the app, users own their portable profiles and can use them for trusted payments and trades, gated messaging, and private AI model access. Duffle supports using existing wallets, and it can also generate a new non-custodial wallet based upon a simple email address.

As part of the codename program, codename / Duffle is not yet in general release. Early access requests are available on the codename / Duffle site.

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